The Many Colors of Ozzie


Before Mona Lisa offered her half-smile, there was only a white canvas. Before the Thinker began to ponder, there was only a lump of clay. And prior to our May 25 PPG Porter Paints giveaway, there was 2,000 colorless Ozzie bobbleheads.

We tasked the first 2,000 fans to Greer Stadium that night with the job of bringing these miniature sculptures to life. And now that sufficient time has passed for our very talented fans to apply their second and third coats, the results are in! Here are our contest winners.

Ozzie-Paintabe-Bobbleheads-2013-early-agesFans were broken down into three age categories and two winners were selected out of each category. The Ozzie’s on the left represent those that painted their bobbles to reflect our mascot’s true colors. The ones on the right, like Alivia’s glitter-sprayed, googly-eyed entry, win for most creative.


Each winner will receive a special Sounds prize. The winning 4 to 9-year-olds will receive a team autographed baseball for their efforts; the 10 to 17-year-olds get to throw out a ceremonial first pitch; and the 18+ winners get to enjoy a Sounds game from one of Greer Stadium’s Skyboxes.


Erik clearly knows Ozzie’s passion for the cowbell well, but perhaps only Steve and Cecila knew about Ozzie’s previous life as a classically trained dancer. Great work everyone!

And of course a special thanks to everyone who submitted entries this season, as well as the players who got involved (pitcher Tim Dillard’s Jedi Trooper, Blake Lalli’s daughter’s colorful submission, and Caleb Gindl’s GFs entry inspired by the Bachelor), and PPG Porter Paints for sponsoring the giveaway.

Until next year’s contest, go and use that extra paint on a stick or something. Who knows, with the right kind of stroke, it could become the next Washington Monument.


that’s our daughter, Mina!! woohoo!

Congrats to Steve and Cecelia! What a fantastic duo.

Congrats to all the winners especially our granddaughter, Alivia, for most creative in the 5 year old group.

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